Diction Meaning in Bengali

What is the meaning of word Diction in Bengali/Bangla ?

Meaning of Diction in Bangla is : রচনাশৈলী

Defenition of word Diction

  • the choice and use of words and phrases in speech or writing.
  • the style of enunciation in speaking or singing.


Wordsworth campaigned against exaggerated poetic diction

Other Meaning of Diction

  • NOUN

    রচনাশৈলী style diction manner
    শব্দ-নির্বাচন diction
  • MORE

    বাগবিন্যাসপ্রণালী diction
    শব্দের নির্বাচন ও ব্যবহার diction
    বাগরীতি diction