Plural Meaning in Bengali

What is the meaning of word Plural in Bengali/Bangla ?

Meaning of Plural in Bangla is : বহুবচন (b o . h u . b O . c o n)

Defenition of word Plural

  • more than one in number.
  • a plural word or form.


the first person plural

Other Meaning of Plural

  • NOUN

    দ্বিবচন dual plural
    দ্বিবচনাত্মক শব্দ plural dual
    বহুবচন plural plurality
    বহুবচনাত্মক শব্দ plural
    বহুবচনাত্মক রূপ plural
    দ্বিবচনাত্মক রূপ plural

    দ্বিবচনাত্মক dual plural
    বহুবচনাত্মক plural
    একাধিকসংখ্যক plural