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English To Bengali Dictionary

A convenient search will help you access more than 25,000 words in the English-Bangla dictionary , which continues to be updated. To the vast majority of words, you can see translation options, examples of use , phrases and transcriptions.

English To Bangla Translator

Out translation tool uses Google Translate API's. Please note that machine based translation in not always accurate, but you will be able to understand the text you are translating.

English To Bangla Typing

In case you don't know Bangla Typing or don't have any Bangla typing keyboard. Our Bangla typing tool can be used to do the tedius work. This Bangla Transliteration to lets you type words in Roman letters and automatically converts them to Bangla.

English Bangla Lessons

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English is currently considered the most important language worldwide, either for those who speak it as their first language or those who speak it as a second language, that is, as a secondary language after the mother tongue. Although native-type English speakers (those who speak it as the official language of the country in which they were born) are not as many as those of other languages ​​such as Spanish or Chinese, English absolutely wins every battle when talking about people who speak or master English as a second language.

This website English to Bangla aims to provide easy learning material to Bangla speaking people who are at beginner level or starting afresh. Thre are various types of l earning materials available like English to Bangla dictionary, with example sentences, categorywise simple english word lessons and games which can improve ones english.