For Meaning in Bengali

What is the meaning of word For in Bengali/Bangla ?

Meaning of For in Bangla is : জন্য (j o n . n o)

Defenition of word For

  • in support of or in favor of (a person or policy).
  • affecting, with regard to, or in respect of (someone or something).
  • on behalf of or to the benefit of (someone or something).
  • having (the thing mentioned) as a purpose or function.


they voted for independence in a referendum

Other Meaning of For


    দরূন because because of for
    জন্য for because

    সন্ধানে for after
    হইয়া by in favor of via for
    সত্ত্বেত্ত notwithstanding in the face of despite for
    করে for caused by due to as a result of
    জন্যে for because of in the sake of owing to
    পরিবর্তে instead of in lieu of in place of for
    উপকারার্থে for
    ব্যাপিয়া for in the course of
    অভিমুখে toward towards unto in the direction of to for
    অনুসন্ধানার্থে for
    ক্ষতিপূরণে for
    সম্বন্ধে concerning regarding as to as regards with respect to for
    অর্থে on account of for
    মত similar to for
    অনুরোধে at the request of for the sake of for on account of at the instance of
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    বদলে in exchange lieu vice for
    কল্পে for
    স্থানে for in loco
    বিনিময়ে in exchange for
    অভিপ্রায়ে for to
    পক্ষে for