Hike Meaning in Bengali

What is the meaning of word Hike in Bengali/Bangla ?

Meaning of Hike in Bangla is : ভাড়ায়

Defenition of word Hike

  • a long walk, especially in the country or wilderness.
  • a sharp increase, especially in price.
  • a snap.
  • walk for a long distance, especially across country or in the woods.


we planned to hike another mile up a steep trail

Other Meaning of Hike

  • MORE

    পরিশ্রমসহকারে হাঁটা hike
    পল্লী অঞ্চলে পদব্রজে দীর্ঘ ভ্রমণ hike
  • VERB

    ভ্রমণে যাত্তয়া hike
  • NOUN

    পল্লী-অঁচলে পদব্রজে দীর্ঘ গমন hike