Mogul Meaning in Bengali

What is the meaning of word Mogul in Bengali/Bangla ?

Meaning of Mogul in Bangla is : মুঘল (m u . gh O l)

Defenition of word Mogul

  • a member of the Muslim dynasty of Mongol origin founded by the successors of Tamerlane, which ruled much of India from the 16th to the 19th century.
  • an important or powerful person, especially in the motion picture or media industry.
  • a steam locomotive with three pairs of driving wheels and one pair of smaller wheels in the front.
  • a bump on a ski slope formed by the repeated turns of skiers over the same path.


the Hollywood movie mogul, Sam Goldwyn

Other Meaning of Mogul

  • NOUN

    মুঘল mogul

    মুঘল mogul

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