Once Meaning in Bengali

What is the meaning of word Once in Bengali/Bangla ?

Meaning of Once in Bangla is : একদা (E . k o . d a)

Defenition of word Once

  • on one occasion or for one time only.
  • at some time in the past; formerly.
  • as soon as; when.


once the grapes were pressed, the juice was put into barrels

Other Meaning of Once


    একদা sometime once one day on time at one time
    একবার once at one time on time
    একদিন one day once some day
    একবার মাত্র once
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    একটিবারও once
    পূর্বে কোনো একসময়ে once
    একসময় once
    একবারও once
    একবারমাত্র once
    অতীতে কখনো once

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