Provide Meaning in Bengali

What is the meaning of word Provide in Bengali/Bangla ?

Meaning of Provide in Bangla is : প্রদান (p r o . d a n)

Defenition of word Provide

  • make available for use; supply.
  • make adequate preparation for (a possible event).
  • stipulate in a will or other legal document.
  • appoint an incumbent to (a benefice).


these clubs provide a much appreciated service for this area

Other Meaning of Provide

  • MORE

    শর্ত আরোপ করা bargain provide
    সরবাহ করা provide
  • VERB

    যোগান provide give provide for
    প্রস্তুত করিয়া রাখা provide
    উপায় অবলম্বন করা shift provide take measures take steps
    পূর্বে চুক্তি করা provide