Rosin Meaning in Bengali

What is the meaning of word Rosin in Bengali/Bangla ?

Meaning of Rosin in Bangla is : রজন

Defenition of word Rosin

  • resin, especially the solid amber residue obtained after the distillation of crude turpentine oleoresin, or of naphtha extract from pine stumps. It is used in adhesives, varnishes, and inks and for treating the bows of stringed instruments.
  • rub (something, especially the bow of a stringed instrument) with rosin.


island musicians are rosining their bows

Other Meaning of Rosin

  • NOUN

    রজন resin rosin gamboge
  • MORE

    রজন মাখানো rosin
    রজন দিয়ে লেপে দেওয়া rosin
    রজন দিয়ে ঘষা rosin
  • VERB

    রজন দিয়া ঘষা rosin resin