Swim Meaning in Bengali

What is the meaning of word Swim in Bengali/Bangla ?

Meaning of Swim in Bangla is : সাঁতার (sh a . t a r)

Defenition of word Swim

  • an act or period of swimming.
  • a pool in a river that is a particularly good spot for fishing.
  • propel the body through water by using the limbs, or (in the case of a fish or other aquatic animal) by using fins, tail, or other bodily movement.
  • be immersed in or covered with liquid.


they swam ashore

Other Meaning of Swim

  • VERB

    ভাসা float swim wave
    সাঁতার কাটা swim
    সাঁতরান swim
    সাঁতরাইয়া অতিক্রম করা swim
    সন্তরণ করা swim
  • MORE

    সন্তরণ swim
    সাঁতার swim
    সাঁতরানো swim
    সাঁতরে পার হওয়া swim
  • NOUN

    ঘটনাস্রোত swim course of events stream of events