Well-Timed Meaning in Bengali

What is the meaning of word Well-Timed in Bengali/Bangla ?

Meaning of Well-Timed in Bangla is : সুবিধানুযায়ী

Defenition of word Well-Timed

  • occurring at an appropriate time; timely.


a well-timed exit

Other Meaning of Well-Timed

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    উপযুক্ত ক্ষণে করা well-timed
    উপযুক্ত ক্ষণে বলা ইত্যাদি well-timed

    সময়োপযোগী timely well-timed
    সুবিধানুযায়ী well-timed
    নির্ভুল সময়রক্ষক well-timed

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